childsurvivor came into view


“Oh dear God.”

“Not a kid.”


Julie stood from her hiding spot at the base of Citi Stadium’s wall and lowered her hunting rifle. “Shit,” she whispered as she slowly began to approach the tiny female. This was probably the thing she hated most about the Apocalypse: when children got involved. “Hey!” she called out, putting her hands up in submission, “Are you alright?”

It was right, but it wasn’t.

            ( Everything was a goddamn mess,

                                  but the infected were wrong wrong wrong )

"Shit," Her fingers curled around the base of the handgun, the gift from Joel, ready to shoot and get the fuck outta here as necessary, when a voice called out.Ellie’s first thought was hunter, but no, there was concern in that voice, right?

She knew that sign, though; this wasn’t a hunter, wasn’t a firefly, either. Henry and Sam came to mind, and fuck, she had to push those memories ( he turned, oh fuck; no, no, no, don’t do it— ) aside. “Yeah,” Ellie breathed, hand still curled around the gun, just in case. Then, a little louder: “Yeah, I’m fine!”

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Fuck these Clickers, shit.

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       hi! new ellie role play blog from the last of us; open to script, para, and novella. panfandom, everyone is welcome!

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              — “Joel? Joel!”

                          ( Oh, what the fuck. Fuck, fuck. )

        With zero idea as to where he’d gone, she was left to her own devices, armed with a revolver, knife, and a few beer bottles for distraction. Over all, this bullshit wasn’t looking too good. A noise pulls her from the downward spiral of thoughts, and instantly, the gun is armed and pointed at the first thing person that came into sight, no chances.            

                                 ( Safety off, she knows her way around a gun, now. )

      Not an infected, but a regular goddamn person, and they tended to be just as dangerous, if not more, then the poor fuckers who went and got themselves bitten.  

       ”Don’t come any closer, or I’ll blow your fucking head off!” Big words for a small girl, but she’s so damn genuine and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger, because fuck this world and all of it’s backwards ass bullshit. “Who are you? What t’hell do you want?”

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❝ I hate cliffhangers. ❞
— Ellie in “The Last of Us” (via games-beigoworld)

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